Ties description


Leatherlamb, chevrette and cowhide according to the models.
FabricsDuchess satin made from silk thread.
TechnicalAssembly “in a sheath socket” showing no seams


Tiesblack, red, purple, dark khaki, golden bronze, silver, creamy white
limited edition: meat effect
Ratblack, white, grey & sterling silver 925
Reserved for the black tie model, on request.


Tieslength: 145cm – width: 5.5 cm
Rat latex
Rat Sterling Silver 925
body: 4cm – tail: 4cm
body: 2.3cm - tail: 3.5cm - weight: about 5.5g
Glass bell lighteddiameter: 12cm – height: 13.5cm
Each model is unique, made to measure, by hand, made in french.
Leave the cleaning to a specialist professional.


tie-back brand

To replace the tie under the bell, fold it in half and again in half and roll it at your convenience…

Entrust the interview to a professional.

Made to order, handmade, made in France.

Each piece is unique